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My name is Emily Drakes. I am a physiotherapist with a masters degree in strength and conditioning. Throughout my career I have always used strength training to treat everything as I believe it gives people the buffer to the load they are putting through their bodies, either in daily life or high-level sport. The principle is the same. Strength training gives you the capacity to go about your daily and sporting activities without injuries and perform better. I don’t think you should be just strong enough to perform a sport or activity; you should be a lot stronger than needed to cope with changes in load or activity.


As a woman I feel there is still a stereotype that exists around strength training and that women who weight lift can be branded as ‘manly’ or unladylike. This notion is ridiculous as the benefits for women to do strength training are enormous, whether you want to build muscle or not. I hate the reality that women are put off entering a weights area as they feel intimidated or scrutinised which is why I have chosen to focus my website on female training, to help encourage women to strength training and provide some insight into the benefits.


My passion for sport and strength training has led me to investigate the science behind what I do and how I could do it better. This is what this website is about; how you can use strength training and how to train smarter, backed up by evidence. I also have a passion for running which has led to me completing 9 marathons, so you'll see a few posts about running too as I'm always keen to help runners train smarter. 

Having said that a lot of what we do in science and medicine is not 100% proven so there is a certain art to training as well, which means there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Therefore don’t take what I write as gospel, these are my own opinions and pieces of research that interest me but hopefully you’ll get some use out of them too!