Strength training when pregnant - is it safe?

Does this picture make you take a sharp intake of breath? As with anything pregnancy related there are thousands of opinions and contradictory statements on what women should do. Strength training however has some pretty clear guidelines, so why do pictures like this of Lea-Ann Ellison still cause an outcry? When Lea-Ann's picture went viral some of the comments were "this is a good way to lose your baby" with others describing the picture as "sickening". There is NO scientific basis for these sorts of comments what so ever. It makes me angry to read such stories as women already face negative stigmas when strength training and with the Institute of Medicine highlighting pregnancy as a criti

What should you do with back pain?

It is a fact that 60-70% of us will experience back pain throughout our lives. It is the 2nd most common reason for time off work behind the common cold. The majority of times it is not down to a structural issue so when it is something to worry about and when can you train through it? Reassuringly the majority of back pain episodes resolve naturally in a couple of weeks. Time is a good healer however 2 weeks out of action can still feel like a long time. Historically bed rest would be prescribed for most musculoskeletal problems but we now know that is counter productive and actually harmful in a lot of ways. So what to do if pain strikes: Keep moving - regardless of pain level moving as mu

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