How to run happily ever after....

Around 50% of runners will get injured at some point. With it being such a simple sport you would think runners are at less risk of issues but unfortunately it remains a high risk sport for injuries. Having said that there are simple steps you can take to prevent problems arising. I do not claim to be a 'good' runner but I have done 7 marathons in the last 6 years and I have not been held back by injuries. This I put largely down to being sensible with training, I knew I wanted to do the London marathon someday so I built up from 0 to 5K then 10, 1/2 and full marathon distance over 2 years. If you have a good baseline fitness level it might not take you that long but for me I needed the buil

Why aren't you lifting heavy weights?

Are you actively stopping yourself from getting stronger? It still doesn't appear to come naturally for women to include heavy weight training in their programme when compared to men. In this article we will explore the barriers that women face and some of the history behind them. With the change in trends from the 80-90's 'being thin was in' to advertising campaigns now celebrating 'strong is the new sexy' fit women are now celebrated. This projection of women challenges the historical definitions of women being weak, passive and docile. Being physically independent links to feminism and not needing to be dependent on a man. However there is still a stigma for women weight lifting that brin

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