The Berlin Marathon

Having thought I'd cracked marathons and then the London marathon going pretty badly wrong in April, my expectations were muted in Berlin. I almost wanted to see if it was worth carrying on with marathons or time to hang up the trainers and go for shorter distances. Berlin is one of the 6 marathon majors and one of the biggest marathons in terms of participants at 41,000. Most of my comparisons are with the London marathon as it's on a similar scale. Runner wise there are more in Berlin but the crowds are much less (or just more speed out) than London. You don't get the same level of 'fun' runners with only a few people in fancy dress. I was in the last group which was anyone over 4h15 to gi

How to conquer the weights area in the gym

The free weights area can be an intimidating place for a woman. It can feel like you shouldn't be in there unless you can bicep curl 20kg and if you do go in there you can feel gawked at. The truth is the weights area should feel no different to anywhere else in the gym. I can remember on my gym tour the guide saying 'women don't usually come in this area' when we got to the free weights section so I can see unhelpful attitudes are still out there to put women off! So here are a few tips on how to overcome the fear of the free weights section... 1. Have a plan Go into the weights area knowing what you're going to do. Stick with what you're comfortable with at first so you can go in there gra

My top 7 marathon tapering tips

As I'm winding down my mileage for the Berlin marathon I thought it would be a good time to share my top tips for the tapering phase of marathon training. Tapering can be a strange time for endurance runners as you're used to doing a lot of training each week so to go from that to a lot more rest can take some adjusting to. Personally I love the taper as you get to eat more and do less but I still suffer from anxiety about whether I've done enough and what might go wrong on the day! These are the main things to consider in the last 2 weeks to have a happy marathon: 1. STICK TO YOUR PLAN The biggest cause of a bad race is setting off too fast. It’s easily done with all the excitement and adre

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