Why women can't lift as much as men

It is fact that men can lift more absolute weight than women can. They are bigger than us right? However even if we compare men and women who weigh the same, the men's Olympic world record is 169KG vs the women's 123KG in the 69KG weight category. As a general rule women are 2/3 as strong as men. However when adjusted for free fat mass, i.e. you strip everything but the muscle away, the differences disappear. The difference in size between men and women starts to accelerate at puberty. Men get bigger and put on more muscle (thanks to testosterone), whereas women's hormones begin to become more cyclical and they store more fat. Men get their testosterone from their testicles whereas women, i

5 Reasons why machine weights are not good for you

Machine weights might seem like a good idea to ease yourself into strength work but it's like trying to use an exercise bike learn how to ride a bike outdoors. It doesn't quite add up. Whilst the exercises may look similar to doing them with free weights they are worlds apart. 1. There is no stability involved Free weights challenge so many more muscles than machines as you have to balance whilst you are working. You are often sitting when using machines and isolating one muscle group at a time which does not use the core to work. Therefore your abs get little to no action. 2. They only train one direction There are very few movements we do on a daily basis that are in isolation. Machines on

How do you know if you're hypermobile?

Following on from my yoga vs. Pilates article where I described how if you are hypermobile or 'too bendy' yoga might not be the best option for you. But how do you know if you are hypermobile? There are a few quick checks which physio's use that can give you an idea of how flexible you are, which is called the Beighton score. You get point for each one that you can do to give you a total out of 9: 1. Can you bend forwards and put your hands flat on the floor without bending your knees: For me a definite no! 0/1 2. Can you straighten your knees beyond straight or +10degrees: Nope 0/2 (you get a point for each knee) 3. Can you get your elbows beyond straight: Nope 0/2 4. Can you touch your thu

A review of the Dublin marathon

I had told myself I wouldn’t take Dublin seriously as it was an ‘extra’ marathon I hadn’t planned to do after Berlin, but my friend Hannah was doing it and it seemed like a good idea to combine the run with a trip to Dublin. Dublin is known as the friendly marathon and I would have to agree. Having said Berlin’s crowds were sub par to London, Dublin’s still weren’t as big but boy were they loud! From the craic at the start to the variety of treats on offer from locals around the course, the atmosphere was great. They had dedicated cheer sections which felt like you were at the finish each time, a real boost through some of the tougher sections. The start was very well organised and starte

London, UK

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